Asphalt Release agent and Bitumen Remover

JCK Distributors also stock a variety of products that are specialized towards the asphalt and bitumen industry whilst also providing environmentally friendly asphalt release agents.

We stock an environmentally friendly bitumen removal solution that reduces the health and safety risks currently associated with using solvents and petroleum based cleaners to clean machinery and vehicles, Our Asphalt release agents KleenSlip and Rollerslip provide a thin coating of environmentally friendly and economical to use release agent that is able to outperform kerosene whilst also not doing damage to your asphalt surface.

RollerSlip Release Agent is a environmentally safe product which also works well when applied to pneumatic and steel rollers.

These products provide solvent free methods of dealing with the removal/release of bitumen and asphalt whilst maintaining high environmental standards and being safe for the end user.
Using kerosene, diesel, or jet fuel is no longer a viable method of maintaining your fleet, cleaning your tools and machinery.

Our bitumen remover Bio Bitumen Remover solution is one of a few products that enables you to remove asphalt from kerbs and manhole covers in-situ without damaging the asphalt surface