LANOTEC and JCK Distributors two proudly Australian owned companies are now working together.
JCK now stocks the complete range of LANOTEC products.

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LANOTEC and JCK Distributors two proudly Australian owned companies are now working together.
JCK now stocks the complete range of LANOTEC products.

Lanotec Australia is committed to developing environmentally friendlier products based around the unique properties of lanolin, citrus oil and other natural products. The Lanotec range is manufactured to strict quality standards and independent application testing using NATA certified laboratories.

Our testing includes:

AS 2331.3.1 ‐ Neutral Salt Spray (Corrosion)
AS 2106.2 ‐ Flash Point
AS 1580.460.2 ‐ Resistance to Acid & Alkali and AS 2380.2
clause 4.2 ‐ Flameproof Enclosure.

Lanotecs range of natural products will help reduce costs, reduce downtime, reduce consumables, increase productivity and create a safer workplace. Lanotec strives to reduce the environmental and workplace impact caused by the over use of toxic petroleum based products that are detrimental to our planet and future generations.

Lanotec Anti-spatterA non toxic, non flammable, welding anti-spatter

  • Does not contain Methylene Chloride
  • Ideal for minimal clean up time
  • Can weld through overspray with no porosity
  • Does not affect galvanising process
  • Corrosion inhibitor

Lanotec Citra-force 
A citrus based, industrial strength, water soluble cleaner / degreaser concentrate.

  • Safely cleans aluminium, stainless and anodised surfaces without streaking(neutral pH)
  • A quick break degreaser and parts washer, safe for biocycles
  • Removes bituminous based products, oil, grease,

Lanotec Heavy duty
A lubricant and corrosion inhibitor best suited to marine, heavy industrial and commercial applications.

  • All round metal surface protectant
  • Moisture, salt and acid resistant
  • Food grade
  • Lubrication and protection of high speed and load bearing chains (non fling and non webbing)
  • Provides long lasting protection for offshore and underground mining
  • Slippery lube for cable pulling
  • Non conductive to 70kV
  • Protection of all electrical equipment on machinery e.g. battery terminals, boxes and connectors
  • Penetration and protection of wire ropes
  • Component and storage protection

An industrial strength, non flammable cleaner/degreaser and parts washer fluid.

  • Plant & Machinery Cleaner
  • Parts Washer Fluid
  • Food grade
  • Workshop Cleaner
  • Quick Break Degreaser
  • Non-flammable, non-toxic

Release Agent
A concentrated, water soluble, concrete release agent.

  • A lubricant and corrosion inhibitor for jacks and fittings
  • Extends the life of timber formwork
  • Protects end grains from swelling
  • Safe to use in environmentally sensitive areas
  • Protects equipment, window frames and structures from concrete and paint overspray
  • Safe for polystyrene block outs
  • 1:4 parts water mix for lubrication of jacks and fittings
  • 1:6 parts water mix for formwork

Timber seal
A timber sealant for furniture and decking.

  • Repels moisture
  • Protects against wood rot
  • Extends the life of the timber
  • Prevents drying, splitting and end grain swelling
  • Highlights the natural grain
  • Rejuvenates laminate and dressed timber

Timber seal plus
A timber sealant for rough sawn timber such as boardwalks and jetties.

  • Ideal for environmentally sensitive areas (waterways and wetlands)
  • Extends the life of timber
  • Prevents drying, splitting and end grain swelling
  • Corrosion protection for metal fittings

Type A grease
A certified food grade lubricant grease.

  • Anti-seize for threaded rod, shackles, nuts & bolts
  • Cutting and drilling aid
  • Sealant for timber joints and bridge bearers
  • Moisture proofing of multi pin plugs
  • Food grade

Ultimate protection
Lanotec U.P. is the ultimate in corrosion protection in highly corrosive / acidic environments.
Corrosion protection for;

  • Fertiliser and chemical storage facilities and equipment
  • Mining equipment (above and below ground)
  • Pump sheds
  • Electrical cabinets

Wire rope lube
Unique lubrication and corrosion protection for wire ropes.

  • Suitable for all industrial wire rope applications
  • Ideal for use around waterways and coastal environments
  • Ideal for portainer cranes and ropes working in the splash zone


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