RollerSlip,  a powerful Asphalt release agent containing no harmful contaminants to be applied to pneumatic and steel rollers, truck beds and drag slats

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RollerSlip Roller Release Agent, a powerful and very efficient ready to use asphalt release agent.
Designed to be applied directly to Pneumatic and steel rollers.
Comapred to the barrier release agent KleenSlip, RollerSlip is reactive

naturally safe Australian Asphalt Release Agent

RollerSlip TDS

Fully degradable both chemically and biologically and poses no hazard to the environment.
–  100% biodegradable.
Coloured so that even distribution is achieved and not area missed
No  requirement for specialist ventilation as there are no carcinogenic fumes.

RollerSLip Roller Release Agent applications

Pneumatic and Steel rollers Roller Release Agent
RollerSlip, is to be applied with a back pack spray, or through the dispense tank on the roller.
A light coating of the ready to use solution reacts between the steel or rubber and the fresh asphalt surface.
This reaction inhibits the pickup of asphalts resulting in a  smooth road surface.
Can also be used as a release agent for Flocon Trucks and pavers

Drag Slat’s

When applied to drag slats RollerSlip provides lubricating action to reduce start-up amps and eliminate spiking. Roller Slip provides a releasing action to ensure no build up of asphalt can cause shutdowns and operational delays costing the client money and significantly reduce productivity.
Should the conveyor stop the pre applied load release will have formed a barrier that will reduce problems caused by asphalt sticking

 Truck bed applications:

RollerSlip release agent:
300-700ML of the ready to use solution is to be applied evenly to the back of a truck bed prior to the loading of the asphalts.
The reactive properties of RollerSlip make it perfect to be applied to a truck that has a bit of buildup to inhibit further buildup on those certain points of the truck bed.


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