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Safe Bitumen Remover an incredibly effective bitumen and asphalt remover and cleaner with a variety of applications from cleaning truck beds and spray bars, pavers, tools, manhole covers and kerb stones

Derived primarily from natural edible plant oils and is an effective and environmentally responsible replacement for Diesel and volatile organic compounds based bitumen removal products.

The ability for a safe bitumen remover to quickly penetrate through and soften the bitumen layers is unmatched. The reason for the rapid penetration is due to the remover having a similar molecular structure to the asphalt and bitumen it is removing.

Bio-Bitumen Removal works effectively to remove asphalt from kerb stones, steel, paint work and glass.
A high pressure spray system is most effective at assisting in the removal process after the 15 minute soak time has been adhered too.

Bio bitumen remover is an environmentally friendly and biodegrades rapidly. It does not poses the same flammability risk or explosion risks that come from volatile solvents, resulting in a far safer workplace

Bio bitumen remover contains no sulfur, lead, sulfur or aromatics (e.g. toxic compounds like benzene, toluene, and xylene), which can cause respiratory diseases and cancer.

Application Instructions:
Best results have been achieved once dust and mud have been removed and the surface must be dry.
1) Apply Bio-Bitumen Remover with a hand held  pump or low pressure fogging spray

2) Allow penetrate for 15 to 20 minutes.
3) Rinse off with a high pressure spray preferably using hot water.
4) Heavily encrusted areas may need a second application to allow Bio-Bitumen Remover to penetrate fully.
We have since incorporated high grade surfactants and penetrants to give you the safest and most effective product

Call us today to find out how you can use a safe bitumen remover can be applied to your application.

Bitumen remover is available through Blackwoods 


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